Property Management

Complete Fire Prevention System

Manage your inspections electronically from any mobile device.

FireWorks inspection module empowers you to finally be rid of old-fashioned, paper-based record-keeping systems. Set up your periodic inspections once to handle properties requiring inspections, and let FireWorks take it from there. Violations noted by an inspector automatically generate a reinspection based on your predefined timetable. Monitor your prevention division's progress by viewing the analytics dashboard for the number of inspections schedule, complete or incomplete inspections, by the inspector, by occupancy, and many other custom reports. 



The inspection module is linked to the pre-plan module enabling your inspectors to document and keep up-to-date critical building data, attach floor plans, and capture contact information for that location.  Each structure can be marked and classified by risk assessment using the automated OVAP scoring tool within the pre-plan module. All this data then becomes available at the time of an emergency; FireWorks pushes the pre-plan data to first responders via text message while also making it available en route through the FireWorks RMS.  No need to fumble through binders for tactical information to the dispatched location.  All critical data will be available from any device at your fingertips exactly when you need it.

Key Features
  • Browser-based - Works on iPad, iPhone, Android, laptop any smart device.
  • Off-line mode - No internet connection during your inspections? No problem. Our off-line mode allows your inspectors to complete their inspections, then upload when they get a connection.
  • Made for field inspectors - Custom-designed checklist web interface built for the specific needs of field inspectors. 
  • Property history - Property inspection history embedded in the checklist.
  • Full integration with pre-plan - Pre-plan information accessible from within the inspection function.
  • Maintain businesses within complexes - Create unique property records for business complexes or malls and associate relationships with the individual companies within them. 
  • Upload pictures and other files to property inspection portfolio- Attach pictures taken in the field and relevent documents, drawings, or other files.
  • Billing module - Generate an invoice based on your department's rules form the first periodic or annual inspection to the reinspection/s. 
  • Emailed inspection reports - Send report directly to the business owner, with photos of violations, immediately upon completing the inspection.
  • Signature capture in the field - Digitally capture acknowledgement of violations on a mobile device.


Complete Occupancy Records System

Manage your occupancies electronically from any mobile device.

FireWorks Occupancy module empowers you to finally be rid of old-fashioned paper-based record-keeping systems.  Keep up-to-date information on your occupancies either directly in the occupancy itself or have it updated in real-time as your inspections are being completed. 

Key Features
  • Detailed History – Keep up to date information on billing, false alarms, inspections, and incidents that occurred at that location.
  • Mapview- Provided on a google maps overlay allows you to view the location and click to view occupancy as well as pre-plan information from any device anywhere.
  • Add occupancies on the fly – Occupancies no longer have to be added from a computer in the office.  With FireWorks and inspector can add an occupancy and do the initial inspection from their mobile device in the field. 
  • Building complexes – FireWorks has streamlined the management of building complexes by ensuring that information that is used amongst all occupancies within the complex only need to be entered once.
Occupancy Map view

Case Studies

Don't take it from us, check out what other Fire Department and EMS Agencies are saying about EPR.


"We've had the privilege to work  with EPR Systems and Fireworks for a period of times now. The two things that come to mind when I think about their company, this has really given us the ability to get our data out and make informed decisions on our fire department and our goals and where we are going. The other thing is their customer support. I had never worked with a company before who has customer results to this level."

Ryan Gibbons
Green Metro Fire Department