Setting the new standard in electronic patient care reporting, MedicWorks is designed from the ground up to function in action and in the field to capture and collect all pertinent patient detail required for NEMSIS 3.4 reporting.  MedicWorks also creates the companion NFIRS report simultaneously, eliminating the need to log in to 2 different reporting systems; improving efficiency, and eliminating redundant data entry.


Modules & Functions

MedicWorks additional capabilities

Interface with Lifepak15, Zoll & Phillips monitors for EKG import 

QA/QI functionality and accountability


Internal Messaging



Hospital Portal



Export for

HIPAA Compliant 

Attach various forms  and disclaimers

Off-line mode when internet is unavailable

Easy Signature with capture capabilities


Robust analytics and mapping on all incidents and data captured in the system

Case Studies

Don't take it from us, check out what other Fire Department and EMS Agencies are saying about EPR.


"We've had the privilege to work  with EPR Systems and FireWorks for a period of time now. The two things that come to mind when I think about their company, this has really given us the ability to get our data out and make informed decisions on our fire department and our goals and where we are going. The other thing is their customer support. I had never worked with a company before who has customer results to this level."

Ryan Gibbons
Assistant Chief, Green Bay Metro Fire Department

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