Inventory and Maintenance

 We understand the importance of managing your daily inspections and inventory checks, so FireWorks makes that easier also.  FireWorks will prompt your crews on their to-do list and ensuring that crews manage their inspections on the appropriate scheduled basis.

  • Inventory checks and periodic maintenance checks built for complex needs of emergency vehicles and department warehouses.
  • Define vehicle inventory requirements and checks according to locations within the vehicle.
  • Warehouse management including receiving of inventory from suppliers and transferal of inventory between multiple warehouses and vehicles.
  • Bar-code reader integration for easy inventory management.
  • Multiple embedded reports of inventory quantities.
  • Module for inventory requests/approval
  • Pre-defined maintenance checklist for items
  • Maintenance service alerts to the mailing list
  • Friendly UI (User Interface)

Case Studies

Don't take it from us, check out what other Fire Department and EMS Agencies are saying about EPR.


"We've had the privilege to work  with EPR Systems and Fireworks for a period of times now. The two things that come to mind when I think about their company, this has really given us the ability to get our data out and make informed decisions on our fire department and our goals and where we are going. The other thing is their customer support. I had never worked with a company before who has customer results to this level."

Ryan Gibbons
Green Metro Fire Department