Incident Investigation

Utilize all the information in the system for a complete fire investigation. 

FireWorks Investigations module takes all the information about a location and incident and provides it for investigators. No longer does an investigator have to go to multiple systems to pull information for their investigation – with our system, everything from the occupancy information to the incident report is at their fingertips.

INvestigations 2
Key Features
  • Made for Fire Investigators – The web solution was custom-designed for the specific needs of Fire Investigators.
  • Picture upload – Upload pictures taken in the field and relevant documents, drawings, or other files. 
  • Full integration – NFPA guidelines integrated into the web system.
  • Responsive web & mobile design
  • Friendly UI (user interface)

Case Studies

Don't take it from us, check out what other Fire Department and EMS Companies are saying about EPRSYS.


"We have been using fireworks for several years and their customer service is out of this world. If you call or email them they get back to us right away, They let us know a time frame of when updates can be done.

They look at the end user to confirm that what they are putting into the system the end user is understanding.

They listen to our concerns. They also listen to what we need as a department and as a whole. They are very accommodating when we talk to them on the phone and if any issues arise they work well with upper management to make sure that we are satisfied and that the system is working properly.

I also would recommend them for their reporting system. Their reporting systems are at the click of a button. You put a couple dates in and you can get your download within seconds. It’s very quick and very easy, when we download to the state is also very quick and easy within a few minutes to do an entire year to send to the state.

They really work well with the customer which is very appreciated. "

Kim Luther
Administrative Officer