We use the city's scheduling software – and don’t intend to replace it. Does your system interface with external systems?

FireWorks Software interfaces with most scheduling systems in the market. If your system supports external interfaces, we will adjust our system to interface with your scheduling system. This will support the auto-population of the roster crew in both the NFIRS & NEMSIS ePCR reports.

Do you have an interface for Stryker-Physio monitors?

Yes, FireWorks Software interfaces with several companies that manufacture monitors, including Physio devices that support the LifeNet interface, allowing data to be imported quickly and efficiently from the monitor directly into the patient’s ePCR data.

Does your system work on iPads?

FireWorks Software works on any device with a browser and an internet connection, and we support working with iPads.

Does your price include updates, and is the system disabled during updates?

Regular updates are included in the price and are conducted with complete transparency. There is no downtime during which the system is disabled for maintenance.

We work with a FireHouse system installed on our city servers. Can you convert our data into your system?

Definitely. If you provide us with an SQL backup of your system, we’ll convert all your data and import it into the FireWorks Software platform.

If I perform an Inspection in an area with bad/no cellular reception, can your system work offline?

Yes. Several of our modules also work in an offline configuration, including the Inspection module.

Can users create their own reports?

FireWorks Software offers a report generator that allows users to produce customized reports. The software also offers pre-generated reports, both as graphical reports built from several layers that show the data at micro and macro levels and as Excel spreadsheets. Our service also includes a support team, so if you cannot find or create a report, the FireWorks Software customer service data team will create it for you.