Dashboards and Reporting

Real-Time Dashboards and Reporting

FireWorks was designed with the theory that being able to put in good clean data easily is very important but if we do not give you an easy way to use that data it will not be as effective.  FireWorks BI/Dashboards and Reports make utilizing that data extremely easy.

Key Features

We developed our Real-Time Business Intelligence and reporting tool to analyze and control all the fire incident information and most importantly extract value from the data generated by our system.

The Fire Administration can use our BI solution to make better, more well-informed decisions, locating key performance indicators, analyzing and recognizing trends and data anomalies and present all the information in an easy to show graphic chart break down which they can see and have insight on.


The BI system enables the Fire Administration to view system data in a visual format and export reports to Excel and image files including:

  • Incident trends
  • Incident response times
  • Inspection reports
  • Visual incident map
  • Hydrant test reports
  • Pre-plan reports
  • Report generator


Case Studies

Don't take it from us, check out what other Fire Department and EMS Agencies are saying about EPR.


"In a day when customer service is not really at its best. Fireworks has stepped up their game. Most of our problems and/or issues are normally fixed within 5 minutes whether it is 1 o'clock in the morning or 8 o'clock in the morning. So North Ricer can't say enough about their responsiveness to any problems, or any fix or any improvement and I will highly recommend them to anybody that is looking for a solution for report writing, pre-planning and inspections."

Mike Rampino
Fire Chief, North River Fire District