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About EPR

EPR provides a complete Records Management Solution for Fire Stations and EMS Agencies.  It includes a complete suite of modules with built-in workflow that enables you to manage all the needs of your department in one holistic system.

EPR’s philosophy is the data collected in the system should serve your needs; enabling you to make informed decisions.  Providing a streamlined and easy way of collecting data in the field as well as an easy system to analyze that data gives our customers the most complete view of their operations.

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Our People

Establishing personal relationships with our customers is an essential part of EPR’s corporate ethos.  Customer service is our #1 priority; which places our clients at the forefront of any professional activity. Our specially trained employees offer a supportive approach dedicated to satisfying our clients' needs. 

Our Technology

  • Microsoft development environment
  • SQL Server database
  • SAAS - Cloud computing infrastructure
  • Integration with other Supplemental and complementary systems, scheduling, CAD, etc.
  • Flexible and customizable development to meet the unique needs of each customer

Leadership Team

Learn more about our capable and hard-working leadership team.


Shane Moss

Chief Training Officer

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Benny Shalev


Aaron new

Aaron Schrieber

Customer Support Manager

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Harry Rabinovich


Micha Redler

Micha Redler

Development Team Manager


Damon Mays

Customer Support

Jeff Jacobson-2

Jeff Jacobson

Director of Business Development

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Jaime Metcalf

Business Development Representative

Case Studies

Don't take it from us, check out what other Fire Department and EMS Agencies are saying about EPR.


"We've had the privilege to work  with EPR Systems and FireWorks for a period of times now. The two things that come to mind when I think about their company, this has really given us the ability to get our data out and make informed decisions on our fire department and our goals and where we are going. The other thing is their customer support. I had never worked with a company before who has customer results to this level."

Ryan Gibbons
Assistant Chief, Green Bay Metro Fire Department

"In a day when customer service is not really at its best. FireWorks has stepped up their game. Most of our problems and/or issues are normally fixed within 5 minutes whether it is 1 o'clock in the morning or 8 o'clock in the morning. So North River can't say enough about their responsiveness to any problems, or any fix or any improvement and I will highly recommend them to anybody that is looking for a solution for report writing, pre-planning and inspections."

Mike Rampino
Fire Chief, North River Fire Department

"We have been with FireWorks since the inception and have experienced  wonderful customer service throughout our time together. We have watched the software grow to its current state and continue to provide feedback for future development. Currently FireWorks is meeting all of our fire and rescue  needs."

Joe Falcone
Deputy Fire Chief, Cedar Hammock Fire Control District

"We have been using FireWorks for several years and their customer service is out of this world. If you call or email them they get back to us right away, They let us know a time frame of when updates can be done.

They look at the end user to confirm that what they are putting into the system the end user is understanding.

They listen to our concerns. They also listen to what we need as a department and as a whole. They are very accommodating when we talk to them on the phone and if any issues arise they work well with upper management to make sure that we are satisfied and that the system is working properly.

I also would recommend them for their reporting system. Their reporting systems are at the click of a button. You put a couple dates in and you can get your download within seconds. It’s very quick and very easy, when we download to the state is also very quick and easy within a few minutes to do an entire year to send to the state.

They really work well with the customer which is very appreciated. "


Kim Luther
Administrative Officer, East Manatee Fire Department

"I’m Cheryl Edwards, Fire Marshall for Lakeland Fire Department. We have been using FireWorks for a couple of years now. 

We were first drawn to the analytics tool that is part of FireWorks. This tool puts up to date data at our finger tips. It allows me to drill down on the data and to create charts and even export the data or the charts.

I can also customize my dashboard to keep an eye on the things that are important to me such as false alarms, the inspections that have been completed and even the deficiencies that have been found in the system."

Cheryl Edwards
Fire Marshal, Lakeland Fire Department

" I’m Gary Styers the Marshal for Forsyth County, North Carolina. Forsyth County is the largest county in North Carolina as far as records management system obviously we have a pretty large system with some complex things or items that we request from our system.

The things that we’ve seen that work really well with FireWorks is first and foremost with every system that you look at it’s customer service. It’s just been a great relationship with the staff, where we’ve come across issues, whether it’s been reporting or software issues as we changed over, that were corrected really fast. When someone calls you will get an answer and when it comes to records management system for software/ and customer support when you are running a report and you need an answer, we’ve always been able to get that.

With our system like I explained earlier, pretty large system and when we changed over obviously there are going to be issues but with their customer support they are quickly cleared up and we were very happy with that.

Last but not least, one of the features that really helped us was the time tracking. 1730 Has introduced a lot of factors or ways to collate what fire investigations, Fire inspections, what fire inspectors do for the organization and it revolves around time factor. We were very excited when FireWorks developed their time tracking features. Where you are able to time track and stamp exactly what time an inspector or an investigator was putting into a case. Whether it be a fire investigation, doing a follow-up, doing a scene activity or simply if it was an inspection. To really answer that age old question of how long it takes to do an inspection.

Where now we can run reports and have that data for us to analyze as we are looking to add positions or looking at managing workloads of our inspectors. So obviously it’s a great benefit to us and we are really excited about how that system has worked out.

For me it has been very satisfying working with the system and getting to learn the systems and reports that came pre-produced. It’s just been a great experience all the way around."

Gary Styers
Marshal, Forsyth County, NC